Marcia B. Williams, N.D

Creator of GlobalSun

“1 in 6 Multi-Ethnic people get more than 4 sunburns per year and are less likely to survive a bout with skin cancer, and you’re telling me I don’t need to worry…”



Why Global Sun?

Part of GlobalSun’s amazing abilities are due to the phenomenal ingredients:
Moringa Oil from India moisturizes and smooths skin, delays wrinkling, evens out skin tone, nourishes and protects the skin.
African Shea Butter has been shown to enable skin to retain moisture (ethic skin is known to sometimes dry and crack) and to accelerate healing from sun damage.

Jojoba Oil, native to Mexico, soothes and maintains radiant, glowing skin.
Aloe Vera is a fantastic skin moisturizer that aids cracked, dry skin and helps prevent photo-